NooN project

Hydroponic light garden.

The NOON system allows people to grow plants without soil or sunlight.

NOON is meant to be more of a design, that experiments with a small-scale garden as a sacred object.

Created to explore the functional, as well as the sensual aspect, and forms of plant / light interaction as a spectacle.

It is a serene and simple spot of calm, an idyllic vase / lamp / garden.

NOON is engineered in a way that is absolutely capable of growing practically anything that could be of importance to your diet.

However, the main goal is to be more of a deeply symbolic daily object / system, that allows you to experience tranquility via predominantly visual means.

Experimentally mimicking natural cycles of light and motion, it tries to emphasize the marvel of nature without the end – renewal, calm, wonder and continuity.

Witnessing how time, light, and motion sculpt a living, breathing, changing organism, with an unwavering appreciation for how time’s decaying hand affects the world around us.

The design of the light dynamics is supposed to help one focus on observation while delicately balancing for the speed of nature.

It could be the natural beauty of a particular plant, but the appearance should remind people of something other than the plant itself.


The design features a heavy concrete base system (hydroponic liquid container with natural thin soaked cover) and a dynamic slim brass element (with incorporated light).

Fixed on a simple railing system that allows for circular motions with a possibility of light variation in speed and intensity.

The light interacts through motion and plants own growing dynamics. You can experiment with different plants and the time it takes for them to mature.